THANKSKILLING: 42 Shot in Chicago, 15 in Philly, 19 in Milwaukee

If you like your police defunding, you can move into a private compound with your own security, flee to a red state, or pray that the thugs set loose don't come for you.

Here's what Thanksgiving was like in Chicago.

At least 42 people were shot this Thanksgiving holiday weekend between Wednesday night and Monday morning; 11 of them were killed.

And on to Philly, where the Soros DA keeps making sure that crime is legal.

It’s been a violent weekend so far in Philadelphia. Police are investigating at least 10 shootings that have left at least 15 people hurt, including teenagers.

On to Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Police say there were four homicides and 15 non-fatal shootings from Thursday, November 26-29.

The non-fatal shootings have something to be thankful for.

 Thanksgiving is known to be a day for people to give thanks for what they have. However, in Milwaukee, this holiday weekend left families hurting for what they don’t.

“We don’t want our parents, our grandmothers, our elders, our children, we don’t them to experience those things," Bria Grant said. She is a member of CrimeStoppers.

Then you need cops and fewer lefties who believe that killers and thugs are oppressed victims holding public office. But that would make too much sense.

Grant says people are becoming too comfortable using guns and not considering the consequences once they pull the trigger.

“Something that we do lack in our community is gun education, firearm education, one of the things our young people just don’t realize I believe is the power behind a firearm.”

They need education to understand that bullets come out of a gun?

Grant says COVID has taken a major toll on people’s psyche and mental health.

“What we need to have is better coping skills, de-escalation skills," Grant said. “We just need additional resources to increase our capacity to serve in those areas.”

So we're not going to stop crime. Instead we're going to keep treating criminals like victims. That's how you get 19 shootings over Thanksgiving weekend.


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