Warnock Falsely Claims He Never Called Israel an Apartheid State, After Calling Israel an Apartheid State

Exit polls showed that 49% of Georgia Jews voted for President Trump. Why?

One answer is Warnock.

Warnock had signed on to a statement falsely accusing Israel of being an apartheid state, falsely describing Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas, as an “occupied” territory oppressed by Israel, and falsely claiming that “Jewish” people engage in “segregation”.

The letter signed by Warnock also ranted that, "Israeli fear... begets hatred" and demanded an end to weapons sales to Israel.

Now, as the battle for one of Georgia's Senate seats moves to a runoff, Warnock is assuring Jews that he didn't say the things he said.

In the editorial provided to JI on Monday, Warnock commented on the 2019 statement. “Claims that I believe Israel is an apartheid state are patently false — I do not believe that,” he wrote. 

Patently false?

I'm confused because he co-signed a letter stating that, "The heavy militarization of the West Bank, reminiscent of the military occupation of Namibia by apartheid South Africa."

We can split a lot of hairs here.

1. Did Warnock sign the letter, but not mean it?

2. Does "reminiscent" in his mind mean that Israel resembles an apartheid state, but isn't an apartheid state?

3. Or is he just lying?

Then there's Warnock's Jeremiah Wright defense. If the GOP had any sense, they'd be running Wright's G-d Damn America rant and Warnock defending Wright on a loop.

Aside from hating white people in general, and Italians, and America, Wright really hated Jews.

Then there's this Warnock sermon from 2018.

 “We saw the government of Israel shoot down unarmed Palestinian sisters and brothers like birds of prey. And I don’t care who does it, it is wrong," Warnock ranted. "And it’s no more antisemitic for me to say that than it is anti-white for me to say that Black lives matter. Palestinian lives matter.”

The antisemitic part is the perfect touch.

So these are Warnock's views. And he could own them. Other Dems have and got away with it. But instead Warnock's campaign uses some Jewish surrogate to assemble middle-of-the-road Democrat talking points on Israel, while pretending that he never said the things that appear in print and on video.

The assumption here is that Georgia Jews are hopelessly stupid. Based on that 49% vote, Warnock and the Dems may be miscalculating.


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