1/3 of Americans Don't Trust the Election Results Censorship Will Only Increase Those Numbers

The latest Marist poll being brandished triumphantly by the media shows that only 61% of American adults trust the results of the 2020 election. 34% don't.

72% of Republicans don't trust the election results.

(Strikingly, 81% of Republican women don't trust the results, while only 64% of Republican men don't, this gender gap seems to translate into similar numbers from the exit polls which raise some interesting questions. But that'a a sidebar. As is the question of whether polls can be trusted at all.)

The media is going to start shouting racism, but around a quarter of non-whites also don't trust the results.

A majority of people in rural areas, a near majority of white non-college graduates, also don't trust the results.

The Democrat response, aside from phony offers of unity and mass media propaganda, has been to resort to censorship. The same Big Tech platforms that rigged the election information space for Biden in the final weeks of the election are doing it again, this time by suppressing any talk of election fraud.

Because nothing shores up trust and electoral legitimacy like censorship and repression.

It ought to go without saying that it will have the opposite effect.

1 in 3 Americans rejecting the results of an election is a crisis. It's not a crisis of "disinformation" or whatever buzzword is currently being used to justify suppressing political dissent, but of trust. And the crisis was brought on by an authoritarian oligarchy which behaves in conspiratorial, manipulative, and oppressive ways.

More of the same will only increase those numbers.

Conspiring to suppress political dissent is what gets you more conspiracy theories. Nothing drives conspiracy theories like a fairly blatant conspiracy to seize power and then silence anyone who speaks out about it while throwing around words like "integrity" and "authoritative sources".

All that does is give people even more of a reason to distrust what happened in November and the motives of the oligarchy conspiring to suppress any discussion about it.



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