"Anti-Racist Grading" Means Not Expecting Kids to Know 2 + 2 = 4

If you thought public schools were now, wait until they go full critical race theory.

Here's a preview of "anti-racist grading". What's anti-racist grading? The math on that simple. Anything you attach "anti-racist" is nullified. Thus "anti-racist policing" means no policing. Anti-racist carpet cleaners make your carpets dirty instead.

And anti-racist teaching? Since none of you are the products of anti-racist education, I'm sure you can already figure that equation out. But here's the work shown.

One thing we understand from Universal Design for Learning is that there are multiple ways a kid can express their knowing. And so if you know 2+2=4, one way you can express your knowing is by writing it. Another way you can express your knowing is by discussing it. A third way is by creating a model that shows it. A fourth way is by illustrating it and a fifth way is by performing a play. But in too many schools, only one way is considered legitimate. So if you write it, you get an A and that's it. There might be 100 kids in the school who know 2+2=4, but if only two of those kids can write it, then only two of those kids will receive As. That is profoundly discriminatory.

Awesome. No wait, profoundly awesome. In an anti-racist way.

Kids will no longer need to learn that 2 + 2 = 4 because it's assumed that they already know it. And they can express that knowingness by performing a play whose theme is that capitalism is evil because it insists that 2 + 2 = 4.

The main beneficiaries of this anti-racist education will be minority students who will be left even more unprepared for the real world, and even more dependent on the subsidies and privileges of the anti-racist system and its anti-racist non-plantation that is totally a plantation. 

Who knew how true Animal Farm would really be.

Two bad. Four also bad. All numbers are bad. Only anti-racist numbers are good. And there's only one anti-racist number. Zero. 


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