Are the 1,000 Chinese Science Spies Who Fled Trump Crackdown Waiting for Beijing Biden?

Don't worry. They've got their return trip tickets ready and waiting in case 'Beijing Biden' ends up in the White House.

A top Justice Department official said more than 1,000 foreign researchers affiliated with the Chinese military left the United States following a crackdown this summer that resulted in half a dozen members of China’s People’s Liberation Army studying in the U.S. being arrested and charged with lying on their student visa applications.

They include the nice sorts of folks who were researching how to rob our country of all its secrets.

One researcher was under orders to study the exact layout of a medical lab in order to replicate it in China, federal agents alleged. Another stole software code that his adviser at the University of Virginia had developed over two decades, the government alleged.

After the Chinese government became aware of the FBI interest in these individuals, Chinese diplomats quickly warned Chinese researchers about the FBI probe and urged them to wipe clean their electronic devices and social media chats, he said.

The question is what happens now.

Biden has falsely claimed that China is not competiting, he has collaborated extensively with China, and his family members, most notably Hunter Biden, have had extensive business dealings with China. 

If Biden were to take power, all those spies will be coming right back to rob America blind. And they'll have a close friend, ally, and pawn in the White House.