Babysitter Who Smashed Baby's Skull Gets 'Get Out of Jail Free' Card from Soros DA

George Gascon, LA's new pro-crime Soros DA, was backed by the Nazi-collaborating billionaire, but also a variety of wealthy celebs who don't even live in in Los Angeles, like the wife of Netflix's CEO. (Promoting pedophilia and teenage suicide isn't enough for Netflix.) But in the end, LA voters voted for the BLM candidate.

Now the bad stuff is going to roll on down.

Immediately after taking office, Gascon issued a special directive that effectively ends cash bail, the death penalty and sentencing enhancements in L.A. County prosecutions. Critics say the directive is a blanket requirement that will release violent offenders back onto the street where they could reoffend.

In one case, a baby sitter is accused of beating a 6-month-old girl with a blunt object, shattering the baby's skull and causing severe brain damage. The girl, now 3-years-old, is blind and forced to eat through a feeding tube.

Dordulian says under Gascon's new directives, the baby sitter can no longer be charged with a great bodily injury enhancement which could have sent the woman to prison for up to 10 years.

"Once the great bodily injury allegation is stricken, that person qualifies for probation. And they will be getting probation," Dordulian said. "That means they get to go out and walk amongst the streets and potentially harm another child."

In another case, a man is accused of shooting his girlfriend, 20-year-old Sharlene Conde, eight times in the face. Dordulian says the deputy district attorney handling the case fears Gascon's directives will require her to reduce the charge from first degree murder to voluntary manslaughter, potentially leading to probation for the man.

Meanwhile, a Facebook page pushing to recall Gascon has already garnered nearly 16,000 followers in less than a week.

This is what evil looks like. What kind of sociopathic monsters would fund this?

Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings, newly minted Warner Bros TV boss Channing Dungey, FX EVP Georgina Balian, Macro boss Charles King, Ziffren Brittenham lawyers, documentarian Amy Ziering, Entertainment One TV chief Michael Lombardo and Berlanti Productions VP Michael McGrath are among the Hollywood backers who have contributed money to Gascón’s campaign.

Additionally, Disney VP Production Jessica Virtue, Starz SVP Kathryn Tyus-Adair, The Hateful Eight producer Stacey Sher, ex-21st Century Fox marketing exec Pamela Levine, writer-producer Kerry Ehrin, Freeform prez Tara Duncan, Dolittle director Stephen Gaghan and the Capshaw Family Trust and the Spielberg Family Living Trust have written checks – with the latter two going right to the limit of $3,000 apiece.

Next time you think of Spielberg or Netflix, think of a baby's skull being smashed in. That's criminal justice reform.


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