Black Lives Matter Can Smash Up America's Statues, But No One May Touch its Statues

How dare you take a bat to the girlfriend of an attempted cop-killer? Have you no decency with this brazen act of statue vandalism?

Oakland’s Ceramic Bust Of Breonna Taylor Smashed In Brazen Act Of Vandalism - CBS-5 San Francisco

It's okay. Just think of Breonna as one of America's founding fathers and it'll be okay.

Here's how CBS-5 reported other statue vandalisms.

Photos: Juneteenth Protesters Topple Golden Gate Park Statues Of Serra, Key, Grant - CBS-5 San Francisco

The statues of Junipero Serra, Francis Scott Key, U.S. Grant laid on the ground in the pre-dawn darkness of Golden Gate Park Saturday, toppled, broken and defaced by a large crowd of Juneteenth protesters who gathered Friday night to demand an end to racial injustice.

Christopher Columbus Statue Removed From Coit Tower In San Francisco - CBS 5 San Francisco

The statue’s removal comes amid an ongoing push to remove monuments to historical figures associated with racial injustice, as the nation wrestles with questions about race following the death of George Floyd and weeks of nationwide protests against police brutality.

Apparently these weren't "brazen acts of vandalism".

But it's okay. Just call it a mostly peaceful protest against cop killing.

In a statement, the Oakland police said it was aware of the crime.

“The Oakland Police Department is aware of the incident regarding the vandalism of a bust honoring Breonna Taylor,” the statement read. “A report has been filed and the incident is under investigation.”

Wait. Turning to the police to investigate? Isn't that a violation of ACAB and Defund the Police?

Curiously, BLMers are happy enough to call in the cops against their political opponents even as they call for abolishing the police. Something about that pattern makes me question the sincerity of the racist hate group.

Carson said he will rebuild the bust, and has started a GoFundMe page to raise money to recast the statue in bronze. By Sunday afternoon, the GoFundMe page had raised $3,370 from 73 donors, giving between $10 and $200 each.

Maybe the next bust can be of Jussie Smollett.