California Gives Criminals Vaccine Before Elderly

Criminals are currently the top victim class among Democrats. And that means privileging killers, muggers, and rapists above everyone else.

California, as usual, leads the way in the pro-crime dystopia.

A state prison medical facility in the Central Valley has received some of the first coronavirus vaccines, which will be administered to inmates and employees.

Criminals are getting the vaccine ahead of many of the elderly. Meanwhile nursing homes, where most of the death toll has been concentrated, are beginning an extended process. 

While those residents make up just 3.5% of the county’s total infections over the course of the pandemic, they’ve accounted for 45% of the county’s 1,777 COVID deaths reported as of Monday, Dec. 21, according to the county Health Care Agency.

Hospital workers are getting the first batch of vaccine, with nursing home residents and workers in Orange County expected to start getting vaccinated Dec. 28. It should take about two months to get all residents and workers in the county vaccinated “if there are no hiccups,” Pacyna said.

The prisons seem to be on track for a faster process and are getting a sizable share of the vaccine.

According to a correctional source familiar with the distribution process, prison medical facilities have received 18,600 doses of the Moderna vaccine and 3,259 of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine thus far. California’s first allocation of Pfizer BioNTech totaled about 327,000 doses. The governor has said he expects to get an additional 393,000 doses of that vaccine and 672,000 doses of the Moderna one in the near future.

How many elderly people will die because California Democrats put criminals first?


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