Cuomo Called Mob-Tied Union Boss a "Good Friend to Me and My Entire Family"

Governor Cuomo wants to be in the White House, but he's more likely to end up in the big house.

There's nothing extraordinary in the allegation that a construction union Boss has mob ties, it would be more shocking if he didn't. But this continues raising the tally of Cuomo associates in legal trouble to a new high.

Cuomo is nothing if not a family man

"A union leader who Gov. Andrew Cuomo once called "a good friend to me and my entire family" has extensive ties to organized crime and should not be granted lighter bail conditions, federal prosecutors said Monday."

Stick him in a nursing home instead. That's the Cuomo way.

"Among other factors, the government said it had recordings of Cahill bragging about being the last of the "Westies," a notorious organized crime group. He is also captured on tape, feds say, bragging about his relationships with alleged Serbian organized crime figures and with convicted leaders of the Gambino crime family. (They allege he has met with those figures in person as well.)"

And, even more shockingly, he is alleged to have ties to the notorious Cuomo family.


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