Cuomo Says New York Needs to Raise Taxes, Gives Hollywood a $420 Mil Tax Break

How do you know Cuomo's lying? His lying lips are moving and noises approximating words are coming out of them.

Governor Cuomo has repeatedly played the "out of money" card when threatening to fire law enforcement officers and taxing volunteers who came to help during the pandemic.

Now he's at it again, warning that taxes will have to be raised. There's just no money.

Except when it comes to the $420 million in tax credits for Hollywood donors.

Governor Cuomo is so dependent on entertainment industry cash that he flew out to California for fundraisers, including one organized in Beverly Hills by the MPAA featuring major studio heads with tickets going for as much as $50,000. This year, Cuomo held a fundraiser for his birthday featuring movie stars who praised him for protecting Hollywood's tax credits. Those $420 million in tax credits are a net loss for the state, but a gain for Cuomo. 

After claiming that there would be no money to pay police, no money for anything, New York State kept the $420 million in subsidies but limited it to studios spending over $1 million.

Now New Yorkers can expect higher taxes while the movie industry gets $420 million in tax credits. Because New York has no money. Unless you pay Cuomo.


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