The Dems are Prisoners of Their Own Identity Politics

Beginning in 2008, the Democrats mostly jettisoned non-lefty white voters while gambling everything on what had been Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition. The election results have been mixed, but the practical politics of it has turned the actual process of appointments into an urban community college farce.

In California, black and Latino groups are fighting over the Senate seat, while proposing that Senator Dianne Feinstein, already being unpersoned, resign so that the state can have one black and one Latino senator. (Asian groups are not too happy with this suggestion.) But that's nothing compared to the Biden circus.

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) sent a letter to the Biden transition team on Friday advocating for Connecticut Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona to serve as Education Secretary, Politico reported.

They’re also urging Biden to pick Stacie Olivares to lead the Small Business Administration.

“The members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) are proud to offer our enthusiastic endorsement of Mr. Miguel Cardona for Secretary of Education and of Ms. Stacie Olivares for Administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA),” the lawmakers wrote in the letter first obtained by Politico. 

Biden was begging Atlanta's Mayor Bottoms to take the job, but she turned it down as being beneath her dignity. All these tantrums are being thrown for jobs that none of them may ever see.

But the backstabbing is still underway.

Hispanic groups and lawmakers expressed surprise and some anger Thursday at how New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) has been treated by President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team.

Lujan Grisham was offered but rejected a Cabinet position as Biden’s Interior Department secretary, a transition team source told The Hill on Wednesday. Advocacy groups had been pushing her for Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary.

I'll skip the scoffing at Michelle representing Latinos. 

The problem here is that Biden was backed by black voters, but did poorly with Latino voters, which means Latinos get sent to the back of the bus. None of this is sitting well, but it's also the inevitable result of the corruption of identity politics. When you start handing out positions based on race, the results are bad.

The Democrats have become prisoners of their own identity politics. It's not a new phenomenon in local politics. Far from it. But it's truly hideous on a national scale.