DOJ Suspended Hunter Biden Investigation During Election: Now Back On

We already knew Hunter Biden was under investigation.

Remember that laptop story the media buried? The laptop was taken by the FBI. The case number suggested money laundering.  But, according to Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller, the investigation may actually go back to 2018

According to a Hunter Biden statement released by the Biden-Harris campaign, he only learned about this for the first time yesterday. That seems wildly implausible.

But if you parse the statement, that's not what he's really saying.

"I learned yesterday for the first time that the U.S. Attorney's Office in Delaware advised my legal counsel, also yesterday, that they are investigating my tax affairs.:

Read that like a lawyer and it actually says that Hunter Biden learned for the first time that the office told his lawyers yesterday that they were investigating his taxes.

Which is to say, he learned for the first time yesterday the message that was passed on yesterday. In short, it's meaningless, but meant to sound like it's coming as a surprise to him.

Former VP Joe Biden's statement says that he's proud of his son. Unclear which part he's proud of more, the drugs, the foreign dealings, or having a baby with a stripper.

Or an official investigation.

There is an interesting tidbit from CNN though, two actually...

After pausing in the months before the election, federal authorities are now actively investigating the business dealings of Hunter Biden, a person with knowledge of the probe said...

That would mean the probe was shut down during the election. That was certainly convenient and helped bury the laptop story. Instead the FBI waited until now to seemingly officially contact Biden and his lawyers.

Republicans don't tend to get this kind of courtesy.

Investigators have been examining multiple financial issues, including whether Hunter Biden and his associates violated tax and money laundering laws in business dealings in foreign countries, principally China, according to two people briefed on the probe.

Some of those transactions involved people who the FBI believe sparked counterintelligence concerns, a common issue when dealing with Chinese business, according to another source.

A common concern.

It's CNN and these are anonymous sources, but both tidbits are highly plausible. They also fit what we already know.

Is this going to amount to anything?

1. The FBI had much of this information and had been investigating this stuff for years. The laptop fell right into their laps last year. 

2. And that was before Biden stood a shot of controlling the DOJ. If you think Biden's DOJ is going to give his son anything other than a slap on the wrist, at worst, I would say you're very optimistic. This is the same FBI that handed out immunity agreements to Hillary associates and destroyed their devices, essentially engaging in a cover-up. The one that had Bernie's wife on the ropes and then shrugged and walked away. 


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