Jill Biden: I Worked Really Hard on My Misspelled, Mathematically-Incorrect, Dissertation

In the victimhood olympics, some players start off more privileged than others, by being born a minority, or choosing to become a sexual minority. While others have nothing going for them except being the mediocre trophy wife of a creepy old man.

So they've gotta play the hand that they were dealt. Just ask Dr. Jill, who is still whining about not being called Dr for her degree in education which she uses to teach community college students. But don't ask "Mr. Carson" for comment.

 In a joint interview with her husband on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, she said: “That was such a surprise... It was really the tone of it. He called me ‘kiddo.’” Biden said she wouldn’t be taking Epstein’s advice, remarking: “One of the things I’m most proud of is my doctorate... I’ve worked so hard for it.”

Really, really hard.

Mrs. Biden’s only original research consists of interviews with two — that’s right, two — ex-students and a few colleagues at Delaware Technical Community College, where she used to teach, plus the results of a vacuous questionnaire 

Super-super hard.

Here is how its second sentence reads: "The needs of the student population are often undeserved, resulting in a student drop-out rate of almost one third."

I think Dr. Biden meant "underserved," not "undeserved." I know.

Dr. Biden's math is as suspect as her logic and her word choice. Consider the following gem: "Three quarters of the class will be Caucasian; one quarter of the class will be African American; and the remaining seats will be filled with students of Asian descent or non-resident aliens."

More to the point, critics have correctly pointed out that Dr. Jill's dissertation strings along a bunch of cliches. It's a typical enough student paper in a lot of settings, but it's not a dissertation. And its author insisting that she worked hard on it is sad if true, and makes her insistence on being called "Dr" even more pathetic.

But this is the hand that Dr. Kiddo has been dealt and she's gotta play it by insisting she's the victim of sexism because people won't call her "Dr."


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