LA Shuts Down Small Businesses, But "She's All That" Filming Must Go On

The timing for this story couldn't be better or worse.

My article, Democrat Lockdowns Exempt Hollywood, Destroy Small Businesses, just went up.

Before Thanksgiving, Los Angeles imposed a curfew and, in a shocking oversight, asked Hollywood to follow it... 

After ordering Hollywood to restrict filming to the same curfew as other businesses, a few hours later the order was withdrawn followed by a final plea to film shoots to “to voluntarily limit and/or avoid activities likely to invite a negative community response" which could "jeopardize community confidence in our ability to operate safely."

The film permit office now claims that “the State of California has viewed workers supporting the film, television and commercial production industry… as essential for the state’s critical infrastructure.”

How in the world is a movie shoot essential for California's critical infrastructure? But here's a really obscene example.

Los Angeles is under a new modified stay-at-home order starting Monday as coronavirus cases explode in the City of Angels again. However, at the same time, a city-sanctioned movie shoot is shutting down a heavily visited testing site Tuesday. 

The kiosk at downtown L.A.’s Union Station will be shuttered tomorrow so the She’s All That remake can use the iconic terminal as a location. Despite the hundreds of people who use the South Patio-located Covid-19 testing site daily at the well-trafficked station, the Miramax pic was granted a permit by FilmLA, Deadline has confirmed. With exterior shots and interior scenes at the terminal, there is estimated to be a total cast and crew size of around 170 at the location tomorrow

Or, as Mayor Garcetti tweeted, "COVID-19 cases are surging and we must take urgent action to flatten the curve now. We’re asking all Angelenos not to gather with anyone outside your household and limit any non-essential activities. If you do go out, wear your mask and practice physical distancing."

People are going to die. Stay home. Don't be selfish. Also we're shooting the remake of She's All That.

Hollywood types were screeching a few days ago at the outrageous Supreme Court decision to allow churches and synagogues to hold prayer services. No problem with 170 people at a film shoot though.

Mayor Garcetti had been warning Los Angelinos not to gather for Thanksgiving.

But the movie shoots go on. Because it's all a hypocritical joke.