The Pandemic was an Opportunity for a Little Eugenics

The needless deaths of over 100,000 nursing home residents at the hands of Cuomo, Newsom, Murphy, etc isn't news to anyone except CNN viewers. But it turns out that the pandemic provided a whole lot of opportunities for a little eugenics. 

Take this horrifying case from Oregon.

It was late March when the woman with an intellectual disability contracted COVID-19. She struggled to breathe.

In the hospital, a medical provider wrote do-not-resuscitate (DNR) and do-not-intubate orders for the woman. Those are medical instructions to health care providers to withhold potentially painful interventions, like a ventilator or CPR, if a patient stops breathing or the patient's heart stops. The woman was alone in the hospital and did not understand what the doctor and medical staff wanted her to agree to.

In addition, the hospital staff sent word to the woman's group home: Fill out DNRs in advance for your other residents, in case one of them comes to the hospital.

DNRs macht frei. 

The details here are sparse, but it doesn't seem as if these people had medical problems that would prevent them from living if intervention was supplied. It was just a matter of a hospital deciding that these people aren't worth saving.

And the entire nursing home nightmare began with assorted medical experts deciding that clearing space in the hospitals by moving infected patients into nursing homes was more important than the lives of the elderly.

The use of "essential" to shut down some businesses while keeping others, like Hollywood, open is the tip of the iceberg. The true measure of essential was who got to live or die.


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