Soros DA Legalizes Criminal Threats, Driving w/o a License, and Drug Possession

George Gascon, the pro-crime DA candidate of George Soros, and assorted Big Tech donors who don't even live in Los Angeles, won the election. BLM got its candidate in and legalizing crime is first on his agenda.

First, even though voters rejected ending bail and the policy has proven disastrous in New York City and other places, Gascon announced he was ending bail.

Second, Gascon declared he was no longer going to prosecute a variety of crimes, including loitering to commit prostitution, drug possession, resisting arrest, trespassing, criminal threats, and assorted substance abuse crimes.

Third, the  Soros DA is getting rid of sentencing enhancements meant to deal with gang violence and is effectively dismantling efforts to stop gang violence.

Any intelligent adult, a category that includes very few LA voters, ought to understand what's going to come next.

Gascon is going to effectively take away any measures law enforcement has for keeping the criminal element at bay, and, just as it has in New York City and other major cities like Philly where Soros DAs take over, crime will skyrocket. But despite years of decline, Los Angeles voters allowed themselves to be swayed by BLM propaganda in the media. Unfortunately it's not only the majority who voted for Gascon, but innocent people as well, who will pay the price.


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