While New York Goes Out of Business, Cuomo Throws Himself a Birthday Party

Nero does good work.

As I noted in, Democrat Lockdowns Exempt Hollywood, Destroy Small Businesses, Cuomo is deeply entangled with Hollywood.

Governor Cuomo is so dependent on entertainment industry cash that he flew out to California for fundraisers, including one organized in Beverly Hills by the MPAA featuring major studio heads with tickets going for as much as $50,000. This year, Cuomo held a fundraiser for his birthday featuring movie stars who praised him for protecting Hollywood's tax credits.

Those $420 million in tax credits are a net loss for the state, but a gain for Cuomo. That tops California’s film tax credit total of $330 million.

After claiming that there would be no money to pay police, no money for anything, New York State kept the $420 million in subsidies but limited it to studios spending over $1 million.

Now Cuomo is threatening to raise taxes because there's no money, except for that $420 million for Hollywood. Maybe they'll give him another Emmy.

Meanwhile Cuomo is throwing himself a party slash Hollywood fundraiser. Hosting costs run to $10K, Friend status costs $5K, Patron status costs $2500 and being a Guest runs to $1K. The special guests include Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller, who will no doubt once again praise Cuomo for all those Hollywood tax credits.

It goes without saying that nobody's spending $10K on a virtual birthday party for a deranged egomaniac with the sense of humor of a malfunctioning starboard engine because they enjoy his company. Nor is Cuomo spending all this time on the entertainment industry just for election cash. He's not likely to face much of a challenge from a moribund state GOP. This is Cuomo building the relationships and doing the prep work for the big goal that has consumed his career, the White House.

And he's doing it by using the state budget as an ATM to pay off the entertainment industry.

As usual, the deal is you give Cuomo thousands and you get back millions. Meanwhile New York small businesses keep going out of business.