"8,400 Dead": Biden Picks Health Sec Who Forced Nursing Homes to Accept Infected Coronavirus Patients

"He'll Do to America, What He Did to Pennsylvania."

The most notable thing about Biden's pick of Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rick 'Rachel' Levine as his assistant secretary of health is the doctor's drag act. For the dead senior citizens in Pennsylvania nursing homes and their families, Rick is known for something more gruesome than turning coronavirus press conferences into the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Governor Tom Wolf’s grandma-killing administration had ordered Pennsylvania nursing homes to accept "readmissions for current residents who have been discharged from the hospital" in order to "alleviate the increasing burden in the acute care settings" including "patients who have had the COVID-19 virus."

Wolf’s Secretary of Health, Dr. Richard (Rachel) Levine, had transferred his own mother out of a nursing home and to a hotel.

“Dr. Levine has done a phenomenal job of making sure that we do what we need to do in keeping Pennsylvanians safe,” Governor Wolf insisted.

That phenomenal job amounts to 2,529 coronavirus deaths in nursing homes or 68% of the state's deaths.

That was my summary back in May. As of December, the numbers in Pennsylvania were much worse.

The state Health Department numbers show there have been 46,545 resident cases of COVID-19 in nursing and personal care homes across Pennsylvania. Among employees, there are 8,514 diagnosed cases. That brings the entire total to 55,059 cases at nursing or personal care facilities. Out of total deaths, 8,047 have occurred in residents at nursing or personal care facilities.

The statewide death toll has risen to 13,608.

This sort of thing led the DOJ to open an investigation. Killing that investigation, along with the Google antitrust investigation, will be one of the first jobs of a Biden administration if the old senile crook gets into office.

I underestimated Corona Joe. Biden's DOJ won't just kill the investigation. He'll put the perpetrators in charge of health care for all Americans.


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