After LA Murders Double, LAPD Asks Gang Members to Stop Killing Each Other

If only we had some sort of system for arresting and locking away criminals so they didn't shoot up local streets.

We used to. And then the Democrats embraced Black Lives Matter and police defunding and Netflix cash imposed George Gascon on crime victims. And so here's the LAPD showing what a useless joke community policing is.

Los Angeles officials and residents are calling for a ceasefire.

Police officers and community members gathered at a press conference Friday to discuss the recent rise in gang violence in South LA.

The Los Angeles Police Department shared a report from the press conference, calling the uptick in criminal activity "disturbing," "unacceptable" and "horrific."

This is LA, not Afghanistan or Iraq. 

It's not the job of the police to call for ceasefires among gangs, but to put a stop to the violence. Since the LAPD isn't allowed to do that, the farce of community policing requires holding press conferences, deploring violence, and trying to negotiate with members of the local Taliban to please stop the killing.

Authorities on Friday said there has been more gun violence in the area in the first weeks of 2021 than during the same time last year. In fact, newly released LAPD statistics show murders in the city have more than doubled.

Time to deplore this disturbing, unacceptable, and horrific result of Democrat policies some more. Maybe free more criminals, eliminate bail, and redirect police funds to social workers. 

"We are seeing military-style weaponry, with high-capacity ammo rounds," LAPD Deputy Chief Regina Scott said at the press conference, according to a video shared by KTLA. "At one homicide scene alone we collected almost 70 ammo rounds going over four different handguns -- at one scene. That is horrific, what we are seeing."

Clearly, gun control is working really well.

Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore tweeted on Jan. 16. "Officers have made 105 arrests of individuals with firearms. 130 firearms taken from street. Gang intervention trying, but we need our community and elected officials," he wrote.

Arrests are nice. Incarceration is better. 

The LAPD, like a lot of police forces in Democrat areas, is arresting criminals only to have them go back through the revolving door until they commit a crime so horrifying that even Gascon can't pat them on the back and usher them out the door.

Fighting crime works. Enabling crime works too.