Biden Puts Leftist Who Denied Black Lives Matter Terror to Track "Domestic Terrorism" From Conservatives

Fundamental reform of the National Security Council needs to be on the agenda.

Obama abused the NSC to target President Trump and his supporters. Biden looks set to go much further, reviving Clinton's hunt for militias and talk radio, but using the National Security Council to oversee the political repression of Americans.

The fascist show of force at Biden's inauguration, which made the country look like a banana republic, is only the beginning.

 Biden is planning to add a domestic terrorism office to the White House National Security Council in response to the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, part of a multipronged plan to address violent extremism that will also investigate social media’s role.

Meanwhile, a year of Black Lives Matter riots just climaxes with more Democrat calls to the FBI to stop tracking Black Identity Extremists.

The move places the new team just two steps from the commander in chief, below the national security adviser. I

Political repression tops the agenda.

The unit will be charged with “coordinating relevant parts of the federal government to enhance and accelerate efforts to address [domestic violent extremism].”

It will also focus on addressing evolving threats, radicalization, the role of social media, opportunities to improve information sharing, [and] operational responses,” she said.

To clarify, the NSC will be tracking conservatives on social media.

Biden has tapped Joshua Geltzer, a former assistant attorney general for national security at the Justice Department, to spearhead the effort, which Psaki characterized as an “NSC capability.”

Geltzer is a hack who falsely claimed, "No, Black Lives Matter is not a terrorist organization."

In response to the violent riots in Portland that went on for months, he said, “Detaining human beings is generally not a lawful tactic just to talk to people."

Somehow I doubt that's the approach he'll advocate when it comes to conservatives..


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