Biden's Idea of "Unity" and "Healing" is a Show Trial of His Predecessor

Biden would like a political honeymoon. Like the honeymoon his party never gave to President Trump. While he preaches healing and unity, his idea of unity is...

1. A military occupation of Washington D.C.

2. A campaign of political censorship and persecution of his opponents

3. A show trial of his predecessor

That's what unity looks like after a coup. Who are the seditious insurrectionists again?

"I think it has to happen," Biden now declared, referring to a show impeachment which will be presided over by a Democrat lobbyist slash senator, instead of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Remember when calling for the prosecution of your political opponents was a bad thing? Apparently not anymore.

But since Biden already admitted that he can't do anything about the pandemic, a show trial of his political opponent is as good a distraction as any. In the Biden banana republic.