BLACK LIVES MATTER: Biden Officials Get Vaccine While Black D.C. Seniors Wait

The Democrats have pushed vaccine racial equity priorities, but that just means that the administrators of equity still get first place in line.

While D.C. seniors try to get vaccine appointments, Biden officials are there first in line.

 A week into the job, President Biden's White House medical team has administered the coronavirus vaccine to several hundred staffers — and aims to vaccinate all in-person staff over the next few weeks, officials tell Axios.

Meanwhile, while your average Biden official, who is likely to be young and white, gets vaccinated, it's a very different story elsewhere.

"Coronavirus vaccination appointments canceled in D.C. region as health officials confront scarce supply - Washington Post"

D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) on Monday received her first dose of vaccine as part of a broader push to bolster public trust in its efficacy. The District will receive 14,376 doses this week, but the city’s health director, LaQuandra Nesbitt — who wore a mask Monday that read “DC needs more vaccine” — said doses remain in short supply.

The part where public officials take a rare commodity to build trust is always the best part.

Also the part where Biden staffers get priority over local older black residents even while they preach equity and chant "Black Lives Matter."


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