BLM Ex-Cheerleader State Dept Spokeswoman Said Police are Biggest National Security Threat

The Biden administration has refreshed the Obama administration's roster of leftist hacks with angry identity politics hacks. That's how you get this farce, reported by Adam Kredo at the Free Beacon, where a State Department Deputy Spokeswoman claims police are the biggest national security threat.

"The largest threat to U.S. national security are U.S. cops," wrote Porter, who was recently tapped by the Biden administration to serve as State Department spokesman Ned Price’s deputy. "Not ISIS, not Russian hackers, not anyone or anything else."

"If y’all don’t wake up and rise up to this truth, the genocide against Blacks in America will continue until we are near extinct," Porter added.

The level of professionalism here is about what you would expect.

With her game day hair already set, Jalina Porter would make a morning pit stop in Chinatown to drop off her uniform and makeup, and then head straight to the Capitol for a full day of work. By nightfall she’d be back at the stadium to cheer for the Washington Wizards until almost 11 p.m.

She balanced being a Wizards cheerleader with working as a press and staff assistant for Rep. Jerry McNerney of California. Now she’s communications director for Louisiana Democratic Rep. Cedric L. Richmond.

She was also apparently teaching a dance class not that long ago.

Jalina Porter's bio has a Black Lives Matter header, an actual national security threat responsible for violent attacks on the White House and at least 8 deaths, not to mention wounding over 700 law enforcement officers.

Should a supporter of a domestic terrorist group really be occupying such a position?

Considering the Dem politics of the moment, maybe Porter can be asked whether the Capitol Police are a greater national security threat than Russia.


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