CNN: The BLM and Capitol Riot are Different Because... Racism!

Recently, the Democrats decided that riots are wrong. No wait, they decided that non-Democrats rioting is wrong. Seriously, deeply wrong.

But, some may wonder, what about the year of race riots that wounded hundreds of police officers, killed 8 people, and caused $2 billion in damage.

CNN debuts an explainer headlined, "Here's why experts and lawmakers say you can't compare Black Lives Matter protesters to the US Capitol mob".

You can't have media spin without shoving "experts" in there somewhere.

Sadly, the entire 3 page word salad fails to address the most basic metric of a riot, violence, and spends all of its time arguing that it's different because of racism.

"People marched by the thousands in both after believing that a wrong had been done to them. The calls for racial justice across America over the summer were backed by the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the pain of following generations of anti-Blackness sentiment. Unlike BLM protests, the insurrection at the Capitol was triggered by lies and deeply rooted racist stereotypes, experts say."

Lies, you say? Like, "Hands up, don't shoot." Or George Floyd... being a gentle giant who robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint?

But at least CNN finally breaks down when a riot isn't a riot. When it's a race riot. 

In related breaking news, CNN will no longer be playing at airports in the first sign of hope for 2021.