Corporations Will Donate to Democrats Who Challenge Election Results, Not Republicans

The oligarchy has spoken.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) will suspend its donations to lawmakers who opposed the Electoral College count after rioters stormed the Capitol building. 

BCBSA President and CEO Kim Keck announced on Friday that the federation of 36 health insurance companies would no longer provide financial contributions to these congressional members through its political action committee that is “supported solely by employee contributions.”

“At the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, we continuously evaluate our political contributions to ensure that those we support share our values and goals,” Keck said in a statement. “In light of this week’s violent, shocking assault on the United States Capitol, and the votes of some members of Congress to subvert the results of November’s election by challenging Electoral College results, BCSBA will suspend contributions to those lawmakers who voted to undermine our democracy.”

Subvert. Undermine democracy.

1. Election challenges are wholly legal. They're not a subversion of anything. Describing them as such criminalizes a basic element of our political system.

2. BCBSA had no problem when Democrats were challenging Bush's election results. That wasn't subversion. Challenging Biden's results is.

But Kim Keck is a Biden donor who sent him a $1,000 check. She's been a fairly consistent Democrat donor and is seizing the moment to push her politics.

Marriott is also joining the political campaign to suppress Republicans. A number of companies are pulling the same routine as some Facebook advertisers during the disinformation boycott, and are just announcing that they will opt out of donating to everyone.

Of course that satisfies absolutely no one.

The secondary boycott of companies was a tactic that the Left deployed on gun control using the March for Our Lives gun ban front group. Now they're going big on it. Expect it to be a regular tactic going forward as the Left seeks to cut off campaign contributions to conservatives.

Once your brand goes woke, you can't go back.