Corps Waited Until After Dems Took Senate to Begin the Purge

This is a key point that I'm going to expand on in an upcoming article.

This whole massive purge uses the Capitol riot as a pretext. The purge of President Trump and Republicans was always going to happen to usher in Biden's agenda and allow the ruling class to finally exact punishment on its enemies.

A punishment that they had been plotting and going on about for 4 years.

If it hadn't been the riot, it would have been one thing or another. We would be hearing more about kids in cages, Muslim travel bans, or some random act of violence.

It was always going to happen. Period.

The timing however is quite revealing. Marriott, Blue Cross, the PGA, and assorted other organizations now trying to virtue signal to lefties by purging the Right waited to do this until Republicans had lost the Senate.

If the GOP had held on to both Senate seats in Georgia, would corporations be as eager to curry favor with the Democrats? Would they be as confident that they could do it with no risk to their bottom line?

The timing of it says it all.

The deplatforming actually began before the Capitol riot. It wasn't the trigger, just the spice. The key detail was that Republicans would not control the White House, the House, or the Senate, and that's when the pile-on began. This isn't virtue, it's cowardice, and in some cases the appeasement of a new totalitarian ruling class. 



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