Cuomo Refuses to Vaccinate 75-Year-Olds Ahead of Teachers

It's a really sad state of affairs when I have to note that Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City is actually making more sense than Governor Cuomo. What's particularly strange is that this isn't a new development. De Blasio is a disaster, but he's been relatively consistent, while Cuomo, despite being touted as a great leader, has been erratic and all over the place.

Cuomo has spent the pandemic, posturing, and promoting himself. It obviously paid off, for him, because he never had to deliver on anything. He could keep doing his press conferences, promising things that he was never going to do, making assorted claims that had no substance, and pulling publicity stunts like his hand sanitizer hoax that were meant entirely for media consumption. None of it was real.

Aside from the poster he began selling to promote his "leadership". That and 11,000 dead seniors after Cuomo forced nursing homes to accept infected patients.

The vaccine rollout is different though because there are metrics to hit and there's only so much room to default to Cuomo Plan A "Blame the Jews", or Cuomo Plan B "Blame Politics".

A frustrated New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday repeated his pleas to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to allow the Big Apple to vaccinate over-75s, noting that they are most at-risk and warning that it is "very dangerous" to delay that eligibility.

"We’ve got literally twice as many New Yorkers over 75 as the amount of vaccine we have in stock right this minute and yet we are not allowed by state law to give a single shot to a single New Yorker over 75," he said.

While those over 75 are significantly more likely than any other age group to die of COVID-19, Cuomo’s state government has prioritized health care workers, saying vaccinating them is crucial to keeping hospitals open.

Except that health care workers in many cases don't want the vaccine. A sane non-socialist system would use market demand to drive distribution, as Governor De Santis is doing in Florida, but Cuomo is still following the CDC's racial socialist plan that isn't working.

Minorities are less likely to want the vaccine and the elderly are more likely to want it.

Then De Blasio pushed to vaccinate the NYPD which led to Cuomo throwing a tantrum

He also defended the city's plan to vaccinate NYPD personnel, displaying a slide comparing the first responder criteria in the state's category 1a — the only group of New Yorkers with permission to get doses — and the city's cops and correctional officers.

Perform CPR? Treat people in shock? Prove initial care in medical emergencies? Cops clearly fit all those criteria, de Blasio said.

"What is gray here?" he said.

But throwing a tantrum is usually Cuomo's Plan C. That's followed by a lot of posturing, giving meaningless orders, and acting like the boss. New Yorkers have watched this theatrical performance for a year now and only the dumb ones haven't figured out it's a show.

The Cuomo statement loudly warns that 75 year olds can't be prioritized over teachers.

 "We do not, and will not allow, prioritization of one group over any other in 1B."

Clearly, Cuomo hasn't killed enough grandmas and grandpas.