Cuomo Undercounted Nursing Home Death Toll by 56%

Is New York's Governor Cuomo the worst mass murderer in American history? There's certainly an argument to be made for it.

This is a story I broke back in the spring. It's steadily gotten worse since then as Cuomo's decision to force nursing homes to accept infected coronavirus patients helped lead to a massive death toll.

New York isn't unique in that regard. A number of Democrat states, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, whose health secretary, Rick Levine, was picked by Biden as his assistant health secretary, did the same or similar things. But the death toll has been huge in New York and so has the cover-up.

Cuomo has refused to release the true numbers of fatalities. Now AG Letitia James, who seems to specialize in only political investigations, has a preliminary report about the real death toll.

That's an obvious shot at Cuomo and an indication she plans to run against him.

James and her office have very little credibility, but the report is worth looking at nonetheless.

As part of the report, James’ investigators surveyed 62 nursing homes across the state and found that 1,914 residents from those facilities either died there or at nearby hospitals after testing positive for coronavirus or exhibiting symptoms of the deadly disease.

That figure was 56 percent higher than the numbers for those facilities published by the state Department of Health, which only published the number of people who passed away while still at the nursing homes at the time of their deaths, not those who were subsequently taken to a hospital and then died.

If that undercount is consistent across the entire state — it would push the number of nursing home deaths from the current tally of 8,711 presumed and confirmed coronavirus cases to more than 13,000.

Cuomo had pushed out his own report whitewashing his actions. A more extensive report would line up facilities that had admitted infected patients with those with high death tolls and combine death tolls from facilities and hospitals.

But this is a start at tracking Grandma Killers' work.

James’s report shows that nursing homes were even deadlier than previously thought — potentially accounting for nearly one-in-every-three coronavirus fatalities in the state.

That would actually be in line with the average percentage of nursing home deaths.


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