DC AG Shocked At Comparing Capitol Riot to BLM Riots

When DC AG Karl Racine isn't looking at charging speakers at a political rally with incitement for using the word "fight" in a speech, he's shocked that anyone would compare riots by his favorite racist hate group to the Capitol riot.

"Let it be known that the office of attorney general has a potential charge that it may utilize," Racine told MSNBC. "It's law in DC since 2011. It makes illegal the statements of individuals that clearly encourage, cajole, and otherwise, you know, get people motivated to commit violence."

Like you know... Democrats and Black Lives Matter.

Speaking to Stephen Colbert, Harris said of the rioters, “Everyone beware. They’re not gonna stop before election day in November, and they’re not gonna stop after election day…They’re not gonna let up and they should not.”

But that's completely different. Utterly and completely.

D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine on Friday blasted disinformation being circulated about last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests, calling efforts to equate BLM rallies to the pro-Trump mob siege of the U.S. Capitol “shocking and outrageous.”

What disinformation? The BLM riots were by any objective definition much worse with at least 8 people dead, hundreds of wounded officers, and over $2 billion in damages.

The D.C. version of the riots attacked the White House and injured 150 officers.

When Black Lives Matter rioters, incited by Democrats and the media, besieged the White House, 60 members of the Secret Service’s Uniformed Division were injured holding the line while President Trump and his family were taken to a bunker. 11 members of the Service were hospitalized due to the violence of the BLM riot that Democrats falsely claimed was peaceful.

65 Park Police officers were wounded in the BLM riots and 11 had to be hospitalized.

This roughly matches the 60 Capitol Police and 58 D.C. cops injured in the Capitol riot.

Attorney General Barr listed a figure of 150 officers injured in total in the BLM riots in D.C.

Despite the heavy toll on the injured officers from the Secret Service and the Park Police, Democrats and the media falsely accused both forces of violently assaulting “peaceful protesters”. Instead of condemning the violence which included bricks, bottles, fireworks, and bodily fluids being thrown at law enforcement officers, Democrats formed a lynch mob.

Rep. Grijalva demanded that White House fencing come down and that the head of the Park Police come down to testify. The Park Police were attacked for using tear gas. The Washington Post assailed a Secret Service officer for using mace against a BLM rioter attacking him.

But Racine, a partisan hack, is huffing and puffing at the suggestion that Democrats endorsed the riots of a violent racist hate group and ought to be charged with incitement.

“The attempt to equate what occurred on the Capitol to BLM protest is shocking and outrageous, particularly when one counters that with a visual image of the manner in which the president of the United States protected the White House against BLM protesters,” Racine said.

The BLM rioters set the White House gatehouse and the Church of the Presidents on fire.  And D.C. Democrats responded by demanding law enforcement leave and naming a plaza after the racial supremacist name of the hate group.


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