DC Mayor Demands Ban on Inauguration Protests

Good thing this isn't America.

Mayor Bowser who repeatedly expressed support for the violent racist hate group, Black Lives Matter, whose riots devastated D.C., would like a ban on inaguration protests.

By Republicans against Democrats. Obviously. It doesn't work the other way around.

Mayor Bowser claims that she wanted a ban on public gatherings since June due to the coronavirus outbreak. But Sharpton's Get Your Knee Off Our Necks massive rally happened at the Lincoln Memorial in August. Bowser claimed that she was in conversation with Sharpton's own hate group, The National Action Network, and she recently appeared on Sharpton's show.

If the coronvirus is the issue, then Bowser's timetable of a ban on protests until January 24 makes no sense. But it makes perfect sense if the goal is to block any protests during or right after the inaguration. 

And that's exactly what the goal is.

Can the government narrowly tailor a protest ban to protect the partisan political event of one party. Since we're now in a glorious new age, the answer is probably yes.


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