D.C. Mayor Wanted National Guard Out When BLM Was Burning City, Now Wants It Back Over Election Protests

There are civil rights laws about the use of force in such a politically selective way.

If you recall, Democrats and Never Trumpers were screaming bloody murder because the National Guard was in D.C. to try and stop Black Lives Matter race rioters from burning down the city. Mayor Muriel Bowser contrived to evict the National Guard from hotel rooms to stop them from obstructing BLM riots.

“We want the military, we want troops from out of state out of Washington, D.C.,” Mayor Muriel Bowser ranted.

Now that pro-Trump people are rallying in D.C., Bowser called out the Guard.

 Bracing for possible violence, the nation’s capital has mobilized the National Guard ahead of planned protests by President Donald Trump’s supporters in connection with the congressional vote expected Wednesday to affirm Joe Biden’s election victory.

Trump’s supporters are planning to rally Tuesday and Wednesday, seeking to bolster the president’s unproven claims of widespread voter fraud. “There are people intent on coming to our city armed,” D.C. Acting Police Chief Robert Contee said Monday.

Now with downtown D.C. businesses boarding up their windows, Mayor Muriel Bowser has requested a limited National Guard deployment to help bolster the Metropolitan Police Department. During a press conference on Monday, Bowser asked that local area residents stay away from downtown D.C., and avoid confrontations with anyone who is “looking for a fight.” But, she warned, “we will not allow people to incite violence, intimidate our residents or cause destruction in our city.”

Unless they're Black Lives Matter.

The Pentagon was happy enough to cooperate. Much as it overruled President Trump on National Guard deployment during the riots. And the same Dems and NTs who were claiming that deploying the National Guard when BLM was burning churches, vandalizing monuments, and besieging churches was fascism are happy with this. Meanwhile a BLM banner being burned has led to more outrage than the vandalism of war monuments and the destruction of historic statues across America.


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