FBI Putting a Whole Lot More Effort Than It Did With BLM White House Rioters

I don't have a problem with arresting people who break the law. I do have a huge problem with selective prosecution and enforcement.

When Black Lives Matter mobs besieged Washington D.C., attacked the White House, assaulted Secret Service members, vandalized national monuments, and set a church on fire, the Attorney General had to lean hard just to get the most basic arrests and prosecutions going. (It goes without saying that none of the rioters were fired.)

And the media played defense for the rioters and feigned outrage at criminalizing "protest".

By September, the DOJ had managed to charge just 300 rioters for taking part in the BLM violence nationwide. Not just in D.C. That's the tip of a vast iceberg.

But now the FBI is happy to go all out.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is using digital signs at bus stops in Washington, DC, to ask the public for help in identifying the people who participated in the deadly insurrection at the US Capitol on Wednesday.

I don't recall the FBI doing this for the BLM race riots.

There have been 82 arrests and 13 federal charges so far. Curiously, key players in the alt-right at the scene have not been censored by Twitter or arrested. The agent provocateur template rarely changes.

Imagine how 2020's race riots would have gone if the FBI had been as enthusiastic about arresting Democrats as it is about arresting Republicans.


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