Iran Preps for Biden by Taking New American Hostage

Iran, unlike Biden, Kerry, and the gang that couldn't even appease straight, knows how to negotiate. 

Democrats desperately want to return to their fake deal with Iran. While Iran will keep on rushing toward a nuclear weapon while extracting as much as it can from a new deal. Meanwhile when Iran gets the bomb and uses it, expect the Democrats to blame President Trump for pulling out of the deal.

As a start, Iran is upping the ante in classical fashion by taking hostages.

The man, Emad Shargi, 56, who is Iranian American, was summoned to a Tehran court Nov. 30 and told that he had been convicted of espionage without a trial and sentenced to 10 years, a family friend said.

Shargi's family has not heard from him for more than six weeks, the family said in a statement.

Only a year earlier, in December 2019, an Iranian court had cleared Shargi, but the regime withheld his Iranian and U.S. passports.

The about-face by the Iranian authorities took place only weeks after Biden won the U.S. presidential election

The media pivots to blaming Israel for this, but it's pretty clear what inspired the new threatening behavior by Iran and North Korea.

The United States really needs to end travel to Iran because this keeps happening. It's understandable that Iranian-Americans want to visit Iran. Americans also wanted to visit the USSR. The difference is that the Soviets didn't keep taking American hostages. The Iranians keep doing it.

That means we might want to take a look at stronger measures to end people putting themselves in harm's way and then becoming a Jihadi lever.