ISIS Celebrates Biden Inaguration w/First Big Suicide Bombing in 3 Years

It's not just MSNBC that's so excited by Biden's inauguration that it compared the senile crook to god. ISIS is also really excited by Biden's big day and decided to help him celebrate with its first big suicide bombing in three years.

Three years. Funny number.

It's almost like some previous administration put the boot down on ISIS and kept it there. While the Islamic State can feel the winds of change blowing.

A twin suicide bombing at a Baghdad market killed at least 32 people and injured 110 others on Thursday, according to Iraq's health ministry. Of the injured, 36 are being treated in hospitals.

Two suicide bombers detonated their vests when security forces pursued them through the busy Tayaran square market. The first claimed he was ill, causing a crowd to form around him before he detonated the bomb he wore, a security official told The Associated Press.

An interior ministry spokesman tweeted that the second bomber set off his device after people gathered around those dead and wounded from the first bombing.

There was no immediate claim for the bombings, which have become rare in the Iraqi capital since the Islamic State was largely defeated in the country in 2017. The last took place in Jan. 2018, according to AP.

Maj. Gen. Tahsin al-Khafaji, a Joint Operations Command spokesman, said it was a "terrorist act perpetrated by a sleeper cell of the Islamic State," according to AP.

ISIS and the rest of the Islamic terror networks will be rising again. They know that Biden and the Democrats will go back to enabling them and undermining the fight against them with another 'Arab Spring' and more appeasement campaigns. This is just ISIS' way of celebrating Biden's takeover.