Lefties Were Prepping Bail Funds for Post-Election Protests, Expected Deaths

The New York Times article on the lefty prep for a post-election campaign is interesting for a number of reasons. But one section is especially striking.

Nelini Stamp, a top official with the Working Families Party, said her organization had been in touch with bail funds that could be activated in response to mass arrests and had readied a separate fund to raise money for the families of anyone killed in violence on or around Election Day. Their thinking, Ms. Stamp said, had been informed by the immense protests after the killing of George Floyd.

They were prepping for violent protests, mass arrests, and deaths.

The media obviously frames this as some sort of response to conservative or police violence in response to Biden winning, but common sense proposes that they would not have been expecting mass arrests or a lot of violence unless they lost.

Indeed the article actually documents a lefty strategy of avoiding large rallies and protests once it was clear what was happening.

The rallies were canceled, in favor of more targeted actions: Instead of throngs of protesters carrying Biden-Harris signs and competing for street space with Trump supporters, progressives assembled in smaller groups around vote-counting facilities in Philadelphia and Detroit, aiming to head off any intimidation tactics from the right.

I suspect that they were prepping for protests against a second-term victory. And either way, they were clearly expecting the protests to be violent.

The New York Times reframes and glides over this material because it punctures a hole in the insurrection narrative if their own side had been prepping for violent protests.

Isn't that... insurrection?

The WFP appeared to be part of a coalition called Protect the Results which was prepping protests. Defend Democracy, a similar coalition, was calling for on bail fund donations to, "help fund the release of protestors arrested in the course of defending democracy."

So much for the insurrection myth.


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