"Let Them Make Solar Panels" is the New "Learn to Code"

And "Learn to Code" was the new "Let Them Eat Cake".

John Kerry, who owns a private plane, was put in charge by Joe Biden of fighting the weather by eliminating the traditional manufacturing economy and replacing it with sinecures for lefty businesses.

Like green energy.

When asked about the thousands of jobs for oil and gas workers that the Biden administration had already destroyed, Kerry responded with the classic let them eat cake answer.

"What President Biden wants to do is make sure that those folks have better choices," Kerry sneered. "That they can be the people to go to work to make the solar panels."

The solar panel industry is largely controlled by China. Since very few people actually need solar panels, without the government regulations, price controls, and subsidies, it's a subsidized industry that will never provide a fraction of the jobs that oil and gas do.

Democrats have been playing this game with American workers for generations. Clinton told workers that their jobs were going away and not coming back, and they had to go to college. Bloomberg told coal miners they had to learn to code. Now we've got Kerry pushing the old Obama line about making solar panels.

And Democrats and their media wonder why workers voted for Trump.


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