"Mostly Peaceful" - Detaching Violence From BLM, Attaching It To Election Protests

While America burned, Democrats and their media insisted loudly that the Black Lives Matter protests were mostly peaceful. Aside from all the people dead and wounded, the $2 billion in damages across entire ruined cities, and the sheer level of devastation nationwide.

Despite that, Democrats and the media claimed that the BLM riots were mostly peaceful by arguing that when considered across time and space, most of the protest activity was not violent. This was an exercise in serious hairsplitting with Democrats and the media classifying a protest as "peaceful" before it somehow "turned violent". That meant that a rally which was not engaged in violence (none of these rallies were actually peaceful in the Gandhi sense) from 11 AM through 5 PM, but then turned into a full-on riot from 6 PM through 11 PM was a mostly peaceful rally that suddenly turned violent.

Bolstering this narrative spin were claims that...

1. The violence was caused by police escalation

2. The violence was caused by right-wingers masquerading as left-wing protesters. The media then pushed the story of 'Umbrella Guy' as if one right-winger supposedly smashing windows in the midst of a left-wing riot proved that it was all the work of right-wing plants.

But Democrats and the media worked hard to detach the violence from the protests. With the D.C. protest, in which a large number of people lawfully protested over the stolen election, the Capitol March, involving a smaller group, only a minority of whom clashed with police, and a much smaller minority of whom actually entered the building unlawfully, as opposed to being allowed in, the Democrats and their media used the opposite tactic, conflating everything.

Rally participants were accused of all being in on it. Speakers are being investigated for "incitement", a European speech doctrine that has no place in America.

Peaceful protests are treated as criminal because of criminal behavior by a tiny minority who were there at the time. Meanwhile violent protests are treated as peaceful even when the violence comes from the top.

The Black Lives Matter leadership never condemned the riots and the violence. Instead they repeatedly excused it.

Ask BLM’s co-founders about the hate group’s violent riots and they’ll typically reframe the question by dismissing it as a mere issue of property and claim that they value life more. That’s despite the fact that hundreds of first responders and civilians have been wounded in the riots.

Speaking at a Penn State virtual event, Cullors described rioters as "expressing righteous rage" and suggested that society needs to avoid situations where "people feel like they have to be so desperate that they disrupt people’s businesses.” 

There's been nothing like that from President Trump or conservatives. Democrats supported a racist and violent movement while calling it peaceful. Now they're trying to smear all conservatives for a peaceful protest with a tiny violent minority.


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