Rep. Pramila Jayapal Falsely Blames Republicans for Positive Coronavirus Test

I won't even call this sort of thing a new low. There are no new lows anymore. It's just one big low.

But Rep. Pramila Jayapal, one of the nastiest leftists in the House, decided to blame Republicans for testing positive for the coronavirus. She didn't just say this, instead she issued an insane press release that scores high even in an era of insane press releases.

"Jayapal Tests Positive for COVID-19 Following Lockdown at Capitol With Republican Lawmakers Who Cruelly and Selfishly Refused to Wear Masks," is just the title of the damn thing.

“I’m quarantining now because I am convinced that where we ended up, in the secured room — where there were over 100 people and many were Republicans not wearing masks — was a superspreader event," Jayapal claimed without evidence.

If it was a superspreader event, then other members in the room would also end up testing positive. If not, shouldn't Jayapal apologize? Fat chance.

I'll skip the rest of deranged rant in which Jayapal acts as if the reason she had a positive test is because Republicans don't wear masks and have cooties.

D.C. cases hit an all-time high. There was an increase of 44% in the previous week. Rep. Jayapal lives in a city where cases are rising sharply even with a decline in testing. (I'll skip the whole sidebar of testing inaccuracy and whether that's a useful metric of anything and just do this on Democrat terms.)

Multiple House members, both Democrat and Republican, have already tested positive.

Rep. Jayapal's obnoxious tantrum is typical and typically dishonest. There's zero accountability for this behavior even as she calls for a crackdown on Republicans. 


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