Sometimes Republicans Are Their Own Worst Enemies

We can go on about Big Tech all day, but the bottom line is that the same companies now censoring Republicans were plowing massive amounts of money into Democrat campaigns and lefty operations, while being financed by Republicans. And I don't just mean ordinary rank and file people like us.

Take Salesforce's recent announcement that it's cutting off the RNC, "The Republican National Committee has been a long-standing customer, predating the current Administration, and we have taken action to prevent its use of our services in any way that could lead to violence."  

It's always great when a company you've been doing business with smears you at your lowest point. But it's not exactly surprising. The scorpion bites. That is its nature.

Last year, I wrote an article about Salesforce headlined, "The Most Anti-Conservative Company in America is Making a Big Move".

Salesforce conducting a purge of firearms manufacturers didn't stir the RNC. Neither did Benioff's shakedowns of conservative states over religious freedom. The RNC kept feeding the monster and then the monster bit them.

Does that mean they'll stop? Don't bet on it.

Look, I get it. The RNC is fundraising and Salesforce is a dominant force in the CRM space. But they're not Amazon or Google. There are alternatives even if those alternatives won't be that much more conservative, it's at least not putting money directly in the hands of your very worst enemies.

Big Tech is an oligarchy. Finding alternatives can be tough and in some cases impossible. But what's really frustrating is an unwillingness to try.

GOP elected officials could have taken on Big Tech. And they repeatedly failed to do it. They could at least stop sending it piles of money from government contracts. That's what President Trump tried to do with Amazon and the JEDI contract. And they could at least make an effort to stop sending money to the very worst of the bunch because they're funding the Democrats and the Left. And those companies will turn on them no matter how much money they spend.

The RNC is a long-standing customer. How much money did it pump into Marc Benioff's coffers? It didn't matter. A moment of weakness arrived and the scorpion struck.

That is its nature.


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