Teachers Impersonated Health Care Workers To Take Vaccines. Left None for the Elderly

This story won't get the airtime that the Parcare story did. But it should. It's disgusting and it's typical of how members of the most entitled municipal unions in history have come to behave on a routine basis. Teachers' union members don't want to teach. But they're still demanding to be treated as front-line workers.

And when their demands aren't met, they find another way.

On Thursday, teachers and staff at Los Gatos Union School District received a tantalizing offer in their emails: a COVID-19 vaccine ahead of schedule...

"The COO of the hospital says we can access the appointments ... and has cleared [Los Gatos schools] staff to sign up under the healthcare buttons," the email from Johnson to district staff obtained by Spotlight read. Educators are part of Phase 1B in California and Santa Clara County, behind frontline staff, nursing home residents and those 65 and older.

Teachers, per the email, were told to impersonate health care workers despite the threat of perjury — with the approval of COO Gary Purushotham — in order to obtain access to the vaccine. "Remember to register under healthcare initially," Johnson's note read. He declined to comment to SFGATE.

Schools in the district are closed for in-person learning.

Of course they are. There's no actual teaching, but all the privileges are still there.

In a follow-up email sent to teachers obtained by Spotlight, Johnson, the superintendent, denied any allegations of quid pro quo. He also apologized for the suggestion that "Good Samaritan [was] returning a good deed" in a statement.

"While I apologize for that characterization, I also will continue to advocate for school staff to be a high priority for vaccinations," he said. My job, as superintendent, is to ensure the safety of all our students and staff."

What students? There are no students because there's no in-person education. This isn't about students who are committing suicide at unprecedented rates because of the selfish greed and politics of teachers' unions. 

With no in-person education, what are teachers endangered by that gives them a priority over senior citizens? Computer viruses?