Twitter Bans Trump, Welcomes Terrorists

While Twitter moved to suppress the communications of the President of the United States, for supposed safety reasons, Islamic terrorist accounts still proliferate on the platform.

Fatah is able to use Twitter to send tweets promoting attacks on Israel like this one featuring rock throwers. Another Fatah tweet explictly praises a terrorist as a "martyr". 

"The occupation handed over the body of the martyr, Dr. Maher Zaatarah, 35, last night, 10 months after he was detained, for allegedly trying to carry out a stabbing attack at the Lions Gate in Jerusalem," the tweet states.

Fatah doesn't even attempt to disguise the fact that it's praising a terrorist.

An Israeli woman, 42, was lightly wounded in the leg by shrapnel during an attempted stabbing attack near the Lions Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City on Saturday. The terrorist, identified by Palestinian media as Maher Za’atreh, was shot dead after running towards Border Police officers armed with a knife.

The Fatah Twitter account routinely commemorates and celebrates Islamic terrorists. Here are two previous tweets celebrating another terrorist. This is the terrorist in question.

The suspect, reportedly a 17-year-old Palestinian from Qabatiya in the northern West Bank, was armed with a Carlo-type submachine gun according to police, and shot at a police post before being neutralized by Border Police officers.

The Old City's gates were closed as the police searched the area for another possible suspect who they believe may have assisted the perpetrator.

Twitter is okay with this.


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