Where Were the Media's Rioter IDs When BLM Was Burning Down America?

I have no problem with the media circulating video frames of any Antifa/Neo-Nazis/Groypers who killed a police officer, smashed windows, and smeared their feces on the walls. Not to mention helped Democrats shut down any further election challenges.

As long as the same standard is applied to the Black Lives Matter rioters who burned, looted, bludgeoned, and killed their way in major cities across America resulting in hundreds, if not thousands of wounded law enforcement officers, did $2 billion in damages, the destruction of countless livelihoods, and an unknown number of deaths. Not to mention the desecration of our national monuments.

Even when there were actual violent assaults caught on video, the media rarely if ever spotlighted the attackers and asked the audience to play internet detective and help find them. Even when the attacks were being carried out against members of the media in order by BLMers in order to prevent them from recording the crimes they were committing. 

Of course it's not.

Had the media tried any such thing, those responsible would have been subject to Twitter mobs and promptly fired.

Senator Tom Cotton's op-ed calling for troops to stop the riots led to major purges at the New York Times. Imagine if a paper had featured those little screen caps of BLM rioters smashing heads and asked for them to be identified and arrested.

But, much as the Left didn't actually want to defund the police, just to stop arresting its criminals for crimes, it's fine with hunting down people whose politics it doesn't share. Crimes then become virtues and virtues become crimes.

Now the media has gone from pushing bail funds for rioters to calling for a ruthless crackdown because it suits its politics.