You Can't Put This Killer to Death. He Has COVID

Since most people support the death penalty for monsters, their lefty defenders have been forced to resort to two lines of argument.

1. They insist that every killer is suffering from mental illness, childhood trauma, and a deficient IQ due to lead poisoning. The media didn't bother to interview the family members of the pregnant woman whom Lisa Montgomery cut open to get to her baby repeatedly gave her sister a platform to claim she was abused.

That was the previous death penalty case. Now we've got the suffering parade.

2. The second lefty tack is to trigger the Cruel and Unusual Punishment ban that lefties had previously used to wrongly outlaw capital punishment. In the past that meant falsely claiming that every possible drug combination would lead to suffering. Now, like the rest of the pro-crime caucus, they're exploiting the coronavirus.

Virginia gang killer executed by U.S. despite Covid infection - AP

If that headline sounds absurd, it's because it is.

The U.S. government executed a drug trafficker Thursday for his involvement in a series of slayings in Virginia’s capital city in 1992, despite claims by his lawyers that the lethal injection would cause excruciating pain due to lung damage from his recent Covid-19 infection.

Johnson’s execution and Friday’s scheduled execution of Dustin Higgs are the last before next week’s inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, who opposes the federal death penalty and has signaled he’ll end its use.

Good news for psychotic killers everywhere.

Johnson was implicated in one of the worst bursts of gang violence Richmond had ever seen, with 11 people killed in a 45-day period. 

In their clemency petition, Johnson’s lawyers asked President Donald Trump to commute his death sentence to life in prison. They described a traumatic childhood in which he was physically abused by his drug-addicted mother and her boyfriends, abandoned at age 13, then shuffled between residential and institutional facilities until he aged out of the foster care system. They cited numerous childhood IQ tests discovered after he was sentenced that place him in the mentally disabled category and say testing during his time in prison shows he can read and write at only an elementary school level.

This is typical. 

Every death row inmate happens to be abused as a child and suddenly deemed mentally disabled, which somehow never interferes with a prolific criminal career.

“While rejecting that he has intellectual disabilities that preclude his death sentences, courts have repeatedly and correctly concluded that Johnson’s seven murders were planned to advance his drug trafficking and were not impulsive acts by someone incapable of capable making calculated judgments, and are therefore eligible for the death penalty,” prosecutors argue in court documents.

For a guy who supposedly couldn't get to the bathroom on his own, he was pretty good at his job as a drug dealer and killer.

Tipton, Roane, and Cory Johnson were principal "partners" in a substantial drug-trafficking conspiracy that lasted from 1989 through July of 1992. The conspiracy's operations began in Trenton, New Jersey where Johnson and Tipton, both from New York City, became members.

During the period of the conspiracy's operation, its "partners", including appellants, obtained wholesale quantities of powdered cocaine from suppliers in New York City, converted it by "cooking" [it] into crack cocaine, then packaged it, divided it among themselves, and distributed it through a network of 30-40 street level dealers, "workers."

In early February 1992, Cory Johnson began to suspect that Linwood Chiles was cooperating with the police.

On February 19, 1992, Johnson borrowed Valerie Butler's automobile and arranged to meet with Chiles. That night, Chiles, Curtis Thorne, and sisters Priscilla and Gwen Greene met Cory Johnson and drove off together in Chiles's station wagon. Chiles parked the car in an alley, and Tipton soon drove in behind it in another car, got out, and came up alongside the station wagon. With Tipton standing by, Cory Johnson told Chiles to place his head on the steering wheel and then shot Chiles twice at close range.

Additional shots were fired, killing Thorne and critically wounding both of the Greene sisters. The autopsy report indicated that Thorne had been hit by bullets fired from two different directions.

Absolutely sounds like a guy so mentally disabled he couldn't find his way back from the bathroom, but was a key player in a major drug ring.

After all this, Johnson was executed. The coronavirus didn't stop him from being executed. It didn't interfere with his execution. The families of his victims are relieved. Justice has been done.

At least until the Democrats take over and abolish the death penalty for all crimes except political incorrectness.