4 Dead, 15% of Oregon Lost Power: Why Don't We Hear About It?

The answer is obvious.

When a disaster hits a Democrat state, it's the fault of global warming and vague conditions. But when a disaster hits a Republican state, it's the fault of the Republicans. Even if, in reality, they have as little to do with it as Senator Ted Cruz does. The media is in the propaganda business. Not the business of facts.

While the situation in Texas is worse than in Oregon, for obvious reasons of scale and weather, 600,000 people lost power in Oregon, the National Guard has been deployed, and, currently, some 50,000 people still don't have power.

And yet coverage of the situation is minimal to non-existent.

While the media loudly blares coverage of "survivors" of the storm in Texas, there's not much coming out of Oregon. Virtually all the coverage is local.

While much of the snow and ice from last weekend's winter storm has melted, more than 150,000 Oregonians are still without power, heat, internet and other services. Portland General Electric (PGE) tweeted that its system "experienced catastrophic destruction" due to the storm. PGE had previously warned it would take days for some people to get their power back.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Saturday declared a state of emergency due to the severe weather and power outages.

"The state of emergency I declared on Saturday will ensure that all necessary state resources are available on the ground to help Oregonians impacted by this winter storm," Brown said.

Four people in Clackamas County have died from carbon monoxide poisoning during the winter storm. The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said in addition to the deaths, first responders have reported several other close calls. Deputies reported six adults in Gladstone got carbon monoxide poisoning after using a generator in an enclosed area. 

People dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in Texas is a major news story. Not in Oregon.

Governor Kate Brown is the key there. If Kate were a Republican, the media would be swarming all over Oregon and blaming her. Since she's a Democrat, she gets the same treatment that Cuomo got, until the New York Left decided it had a shot at replacing him with its own candidate. 

Fast Company was one of the few to ask about what was going on in Portland.

 This year, Portland’s limited snow plow fleet of around 100 trucks were out before the storm applying a liquid deicer, magnesium chloride—a strategy that was abandoned 12 hours before the storm due to rain that . . . washed away the liquid deicer.

Nor were most roads treated during the storm, as the small truck fleet only drives main arteries, a tiny percentage of Portland’s 4,842 lane miles of roads. That left the majority of damaged electrical equipment inaccessible to power crews, and stranded the vast majority of Portland residents at home for days, where they quite literally waited for the ice and snow to melt, on its own natural time frame, which was about four days.

Some variety of this Portland-is-an-ice-skating-rink-and-everyone-is-stuck-at-home clusterjam happens once or twice per year, and is incomprehensible to residents who have previously lived in the northeast or visited Scandinavia

If only Portland were run by Republicans.


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