Biden: China's Concentration Camps Are Different "Cultural Norms"

Sure, it's another Biden Word Salad in which thoughts chase each other up a tree and then fall down and are lost forever. But behind the rambling nonsense is the familiar logic of the Obama administration which interpreted most third world abuses as a response to colonialism and different cultural norms.

Biden may be incoherent, but he's just repeating back the foreign policy you would expect from Obama's third term.

That begins with arguing that China had been victimized in the past due to a lack of unity, and that Xi Jinping is just terrorizing Taiwan and putting people into camps to maintain Chinese unity out of fear of colonialism. It's a familiar enough argument among American and European lefties, and has been used to legitimize any third-world atrocity. Once you begin with the basic premise that repression is a response to colonialism, ethnic cleansing and genocide become logical.

It's not a new idea and predates its modern applications.

How often did the appeasement crowd argue that Hitler and Nazi Germany were victims reacting to the abuses that came after the end of WW1?

Biden manages then to throw in the familiar cultural differences argument. “Culturally there are different norms,” he argues. True. And if we don't believe that some cultures have better norms than others, and that objective truth is a white supremacist concept, then how can we possibly object to China's rape gulags?

We can't. And so Biden doesn't really. There's some incoherent mumbling, stuff about cultural differences, China's victimhood, suggestions that he protested China's policy, and that Xi gets it.

Of course, he does. He gets that America is being run by the Berkeley student council and its confused senior faculty advisor.