Biden Dumps New Citizenship Test Which Asked About Communism and Electoral College

Quick, no one mention the war. The Vietnam War.

Biden’s latest move toward a less stringent immigration system will feature a change in the required civic examination citizenship applicants must take.

Announced in a Policy Alert on Monday, the civics examination requirement implemented in December 2020 will switch to an earlier version implemented in 2008. The 2020s civic exam featured 128 possible questions on the exam. With Biden’s new order, it will switch to the 100 possible questions seen in the 2008 version.

Some content will be altered as well. The policy alert did not specify what these changes would be.

I think we can take a guess. 

The Trump era added questions included one about the Vietnam War and about the Electoral College.

One test question that has drawn particular scrutiny provides a new answer to the question, “Who does a U.S. Senator represent?” Previously, the answer was “all people of the state”; on the new test, it is “citizens” in the state.

You can see why the party of open borders wouldn't like that one. Or this one.

Another new question, “Why did the United States enter the Vietnam War?” has one answer that is considered correct: “to stop the spread of Communism.” The test does not take on the issue of the vehement protests or the huge death toll stemming from the war.

Not exactly shocking that the Socialist party would take issue with that one. Much as the New York Times, the paper that covered up Soviet mass murder, does.

And then there's the Electoral College.

For example, the 2008 list of questions includes one that asks immigrants to identify one branch of the federal government. The updated question instructs U.S. citizenship applicants to name all three branches

One of the new questions will be: "Why is the Electoral College important?"

The correct answers, according to USCIS, will be: "It decides who is elected president" or "It provides a compromise between the popular election of the president and congressional selection."

Wouldn't want new citizens to know that one either.


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