Biden Got Vaccine Dose in Dec, Now Claims There Was No Vaccine When He Took Office

Fact-checking Joe Biden is like fact-checking the crazy bum on the corner who keeps alternately mumbling and screaming about something. And so the best defense here will be the fact-checkers trying to put their words in his word salads.

But, Biden does, fairly clearly, say, “It's one thing to have the vaccine, which we didn't have when we came into office." 

That's not the dumbest thing that Biden says, since he also goes on to suggest that there was a shortage of needles and people who can inject them. Has Biden not heard of flu shots?

But Biden's claim about the vaccine is mind-blowingly false since he got the first dose in December 2020. And he was not in office then. 

The kindest explanation is that Biden spends a bunch of his time out to lunch. That would also explain why the media treats him playing a video game or playing with his dog as a major news story. When your profile target is barely functional, then you report on him as if he were turning 110 years old and keep the bar low.

The more realistic explanation is that the Democrats have to claim credit for the vaccine. And the push is on to erase President Trump's involvement.

And the same media folks lecturing us about truth and political norms will wink at the sham.


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