Biden is Trying to Bluff Iran Into Not Attacking Americans. It Won't Work.

There's a Twitter contingent who live for making memes about airstrikes in Syria.  You don't have to know much history to know how stupid taking this seriously is.

Biden on Friday warned Iran to tread carefully in Iraq following a U.S. airstrike that destroyed parts of a compound used by Iranian-backed militias as they travel between Syria and Iraq.

“You can't act with impunity,” Biden told reporters in Houston, when asked what message he was trying to send Tehran by ordering the airstrike, carried out late Thursday, that hit a compound in Boukamal, on the Syrian side of the border with Iraq.

“Be careful,” he added.

The Obama administration's love affair with Islamists led it into a very complicated dance, in which it collaborated to protect Iran's nuclear program while allying with the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. Is the Biden administration planning to replicate this very convoluted arrangement? Biden does have plenty of Obama vets on his team which means you can probably expect them to pick up where the Obama administration left off. There's just one problem. Well several, really.

Obama opted out of going in on Syria. It was close, but he took advantage of London's decision to stay out to also bow out. There's also not much of a conflict to intervene in anymore.

Assad won. The war would be over, but for Turkey, which is keeping Islamist hopes alive, while focusing on its usual hobby, killing Kurds.

Or as the New York Times headline read, "Turkish Forces in Syria Protect 5 Million People". Apparently, foreign disinformation isn't a problem when it comes through Turkey and Qatar.

So what's the Biden administration going to do in Syria? Nothing. There's nothing to do.

The airstrikes were a weak effort at bluffing Iran, not over the nuclear deal, Biden rushed to surrender on that, but to deter embarrassing attacks on Americans.

And that won't work.

Biden's takeover meant that the balance of power had shifted toward Iran. And Biden's people are working to undermine the Saudis, shunning the Israels, and letting Iran take over Yemen.

The occasional airstrike won't change that. It's as impotent as Clinton's cruise missiles.

Biden and his people want to save face. They don't care what Iran does, as long as it doesn't make them look as weak and stupid as they are. And they won't even get to save face because the attacks will keep on coming until they surrender all the way.


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