Biden's Mask Order Forces 2-Year-Olds to Wear Masks

Biden won't reopen schools, but he will force 2-year-olds to wear masks. We're all in this together. Except for those of us who fly Air Force One.

You may have come across the horrible stories of families being kicked off planes because they couldn't get a 2-year-old to wear a mask. There have been a bunch of these cases.

Like this one.

A Colorado mother who said she and her family were kicked off a United Airlines flight after her 2-year-old daughter refused to keep a mask on told “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday that “the experience was absolutely traumatizing” and “very humiliating.”

Eliz Orban took cell video on Friday of a crew member speaking with her husband as he was trying to keep the mask on their daughter. The video, which Orban posted on Twitter, shows her husband telling the crew member that he was holding the mask on his daughter’s face. 

“We felt like we got no warning, no working with us, no asking questions, nothing to help in the situation,” Orban added. “It was just like, ‘Oh, well your 2-year-old is not complying, you guys are off the plane.’”

Or this one.

A mother and her six children were kicked off of a JetBlue Airways flight Wednesday after her 2-year-old daughter refused to wear a mask.

"It was extremely traumatizing for me and my family," the mother, Chaya Bruck, 39, from Brooklyn, said in an interview with ABC News.

Bruck said she tried to put a mask on her youngest child, Dina, but she pulled it off.

"Should I tie her hands, what should I do?" Bruck asked the JetBlue flight attendant according to a video of the incident. "We have to deplane," the attendant responded, explaining that the airline has a zero tolerance policy.

So does Biden. As Dan's Deals points out, Delta had previously avoided kicking off families because they can't get a 2-year-old to wear a mask. But that was BB. Before Biden. Now the 2-year-olds have to go.

While most US airlines copied each other’s mask rules last year that required everyone 2 or older to wear a mask on flights, Delta held out and exempted young children from the requirement if they couldn’t keep a mask on:..

Biden signed an executive order requiring masks for everyone on all modes of public transportation and the CDC soon followed with updated rules that require everyone 2 or older to wear a mask.

While the rules do carve out exceptions for disabilities, which airlines have now adopted, there is no exception for young children.

And sure enough, Delta has now updated their policy to remove the exemption for young children 2 and older and to state that masks must be worn in between bites and sips:

The next family that gets kicked off a plane can thank Biden. 


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