Black Man Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison for Arguing With BLM Racists

Black Lives Matter claims that it wants to abolish police and prisons. Meanwhile, its racist mobs keep staging confrontations with innocent people, taping them out of context, and then contriving to send their victims to prison.

These ugly incidents have been playing out across the country. And, unlike a couple in St. Louis, very few of their causes have been taken up by conservatives.

I wrote about Manny Wilder's case last year. The case unfortunately got very little attention. And now he's being sent to prison for 3 years at a time when actual violent criminals are barely being arrested, and getting a slap on the wrist for violent offenses.

“We are calling for Hampton Police & Virginia Beach Police to get this menace off of the streets IMMEDIATELY!” the hate group had posted.

Black Lives Matter 757’s Facebook post complained that “MannyWilder is still a free man on minimal charges”. And Manny was one black man they didn’t want to see roaming the South.

“Virginia Beach Police Department Needs help (Ironic right) - But the Virginia Beach Police need help finding #MannyWilder,” Black Lives Matter 757 had posted at the end of September.

Manny was one of many drivers to be caught in the tide of Black Lives Matter violence. And, like many of those drivers, he made a run for it, past the racist mob that was coming after him.

“I was creeping forward. I wasn’t going to stop because we were under attack. I mean look at my arm. We were getting attacked. They literally knocked my dog out. They hit my fiancé with a bottle as she was riding in the back of the pickup," he told a reporter a day after the attack.

Even though the video showed Manny being attacked by one of the Black Lives Matter rioters and photos showed that his arm was bloodied and his truck battered, none of the BLMers were busted. Instead, the authorities came after the “white male” who had confronted them.

Black Lives Matter 757’s leader claimed that Manny had been “yelling racial slurs”. Media accounts falsely described Wilder as a “white male”. There was just one problem.

Manny’s mother is black and his father is Mexican.

“I was flying the American flags. Everyone wants to stand for what they represent, ” Manny had told a reporter. “I represent patriotism. I stand for the unity of one. I support Black Lives Matter, but I do not support the violence.”

The lynch mob has now gotten its way.

A Virginia man was sentenced to three years in jail after he was convicted of brandishing a hatchet and driving his truck toward a crowd of Black Lives Matter supporters.

Driving his truck "toward" a crowd. Not into. Not at. Toward.

And yes, when confronted with a violent racist mob, displaying a weapon is both legal and sensible. Again, brandishing a weapon is not assault.

Virginia Beach General District Court Judge Jon Babineau delivered the sentence for Emanuel “Manny” Wilder on Thursday after the 20-year-old pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor offenses related to the incident, which occurred last May in Virginia Beach.

“He was acting in a totally irrational manner, full of hatred,” Babineau said after watching the videos. “This could easily have been a situation in which there were multiple fatalities.”

Except that there were zero fatalities. And the only injuries were suffered by Manny.

But Judge Jon Babineau sentenced Manny to three years in prison based on what he claims could have happened, but never did, and never came close to happening. 

Despite Forbes pushing for Wilder to be given time served, Babineau said the nature of the crime warranted jail time.

“He was out there yelling while wielding a hatchet,” Babineau said. “We can not tolerate hatred in the community.”

There's no room for hate... unless it's Black Lives Matter hate.


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